Environmental noise and vibration management

Developed by leading acoustic consultants

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Gatewave is developed and supported by acoustic engineers from
Renzo Tonin & Associates. Your project will benefit from the expertise of an award-winning acoustic consultancy delivering high-quality solutions across Australia and around the world.

Keep pace with your project

Things change. A new piece of equipment, a new work method, or an unexpected event. Once your acoustic consultant is briefed, the works have changed again. With Gatewave, you can avoid delays and easily address your project's noise and vibration impacts.


Noise and vibration predictions

Calculate both the noise and vibration impacts from your works, from anywhere on your site

Real-time calculations

See the results in your web browser without waiting for the consultant's report

Custom reports

Make auto-generated reports using our templates, or let us prepare a template for your specific needs

Made by acoustic engineers

Developed by acoustic engineers with experience on Australia's largest infrastructure projects


Airborne noise

  • Ideal for works near noise-sensitive locations
  • Identify your work activity and location, and view noise predictions in your browser
  • All results backed by a CadnaA noise model, the same state-of-the-art software used by acoustic consultants

Ground-borne noise and vibration

  • Tailored for tunnelling and bulk excavation
  • Calculate ground-borne noise and vibration at sensitive receivers above the works
  • Prediction methods validated by Renzo Tonin & Associates

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